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Doughboy Tiepolo

Heavily inspired by the works of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, this diptych is the marriage of the Baroque style with tools and sentiment rooted in 21st century technological palette of machine-aided design.

Both pieces are currently on display at Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern, not far from the Capitol in Raleigh, NC.

Visit: Doughboy - Tipeolo Diptych

Updates A Comin’

Hey everyone!

Although some of the indexing has slowed, rest assured, progress on the “Economical Quarterly” has not ceased. A Matajuro & Maxine story will be the centerpiece, and I’ll have some free desktop downloads as well as some sketchbook pages on how the whole thing was put together!

As far as the Achillian Graphics Company’s Master Index & Wire Service is concerned, I’ll keep updating my weekly editorial illustrations for Technician as well as the archive work for the “doughboy” cartoons from 1995-2008. I’ve still got some filing and organization to do in that left navigation over there, that’s for sure.

The biggest frustration I have about this site at the moment is that it loads slower than molasses in the cold of winter. I might have to change the way I present the thumbnails and simply suck it up and make ‘em smaller. I also might see if I can get my programming department to add more hamsters to the wheel, we’ll see.

On a footnote, I donated two postcards for sale to the Silent Auction during the NC State College of Design’s 60th Anniversary Celebration and Reunion Weekend during the weekend of 3-4 April 2009. All proceeds will benefit the Department of Art + Design excellence fund for students. Anyone who’s interested is invited to come on out and see the school.


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doughboy :: Kill Devil Hills :: Chapters 1-8

Fed up with crowded beaches, Oskar, Chalkhydri and Matajuro decide to travel back to 1709 Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.

The quiet stretch of beachfront property soon becomes full of ruckus as a group of unwanted guests arrive on the shore and decide to pay an unexpected visit to our fair vacationers’ time-share cabin.

Join the adventure!